Add On Courses (Job - Oriented)

We offer one year Certificate Course, Two year diploma course and Three year advanced diploma course in the following Add-on Courses:

Functional English/Communicative English

The college offers vocational course in communicative English T.D.C I, II, III with the main objective to motivate fresh students to seek self-employment as well as to inculcate in them the spirit of entrepreneurship. It focuses on skills such as vocabulary- building, phonetics, pronunciation and current usage of grammar. It aims at making the youngsters self-sufficient, self-dependent and confident, so that they can opt for their own enterprise or can take up employment as an Interviewer/comperer with TV/Radio/Newspaper, News Reader/Commentator/Announcer/Scriptwriter with TV/Radio.

Fashion Designing

The main objectives of Fashion-Designing Vocational course are to impart knowledge about Garment Construction techniques, Fibers, Traditional Embroideries of India, different types of western and Indian costumes as well as handling special fabrics. Students are taught different aspects of Fashion as well as Fashion–merchandising. It prepares the students to work in the Fabric/Fashion/Garment Industry.

Opportunites Galore

  1.  Students have ample scope to specialize professionally in the fields of English, CommerceComputer Applications and Business Studies.Those who have aptitude for English can opt for Elective EnglishHonours in English and then Masters in English. Commerce students can opt for Honours in commerce at graduation level and then pursue M.Com.
  2.  Another Choice for Computer savvy students is to go in for BCA i.e. Bachelor in Computer Applications. In the present high tech age, where information is power, this programme of study offers the best job opportunities. The college also offers job oriented Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.
  3.  The Main objective of PGDMC is to motivate fresh graduates to seek employment as well as to inculcate in them the spirit of entrepreneurship. This course introduces the students to print jounalism , the basic concepts and terminology specific to the media of radio & television, advertising & Public relations. Having studied this course, the students can take up employment A News Reader/Interview/ Script Writer/Announcer with TV/Radio, as Journalist & Feature Writer with Newspaper and Advertising Agencies.
  4.  OMSP provides knowledge about modern office procedures and practices, develops skills for handling office records thereby preparing students for immediate employment as Secretarial/Office Assistant. Having studied this course, students can choose self employment or work as short-hand or Typing Instructors, Stenographers or Clerk cum Typists.