Master Of Arts

Total Seats: 60


  • 50% marks in aggregate in B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. or at least 45% marks in Elective English or atleast 45% marks in Elective English
  • or passed B.Ed.
  • or M.A. in any other subject

Note: Preference will be given to the students with Honours in English.


M.A-English Semester-I

Paper-I : Literary Criticism-I(ECS 01)
Paper-II: British Poetry-I (ECS 02)
Paper III : British Drama-I (ECS 03) 
Paper-IV : British Fiction-I (ECS 04)


M.A-English Semester-II

Paper-I : Literary Criticism-II(ECS 05)
Paper-II: British Poetry-II (ECS 06)
Paper III : British Drama-II (ECS 07)
Paper-IV : British Fiction-II (ECS 08)


M.A-English Semester-III

Paper-I : Literary Theory-I (ECS09)
Paper-II : Indian Writing in English(ECS10)
Paper-III :  (Option i) Postcolonial Studies-I (ECS 11 PCS I)
                        (Option-ii) Linguistics-I (ECS 11 LIN I)
                        (Option- iii) American Literature I (ECS 11 AML I)
Paper- IV : (Option i) Cultural Studies-I (ECS 12 CLS I)
                        (Option-ii) Applied Linguistics-I (ECS 12 APL I)
                        (Option- iii) World Poetry/Novel in Translation (ECS 12 WLT I)
                        (Option- iv) Shakespeare


M.A-English Semester-IV

Paper-I : Literary Theory-II (ECS13)
Paper-II : Indian Writing in English(ECS14)
Paper-III : (Option i) Postcolonial Studies-I (ECS 15 PCS II)
                       (Option-ii) Linguistics-II (ECS 15 LIN II)
                       (Option- iii) American Literature II (ECS 15 AML II)
Paper- IV : (Option i) Cultural Studies-II (ECS 16 CLS II)
                        (Option-ii) Applied Linguistics-II (ECS 16 APL II)
                        (Option- iii) World Drama in Translation (ECS 16 WDT)
                        (Option- iv) Shakespeare